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THCA MoonRocks (3g)

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Add Some Fuel to Your Fire

Our Hemp-Derived THCA MoonRocks are the next level in concentrated flower experience. What's a MoonRock, you ask? MoonRocks begin life as a gooey ball of THCA resin, which is dipped in THCA distillate, then rolled in a thick layer of THCA kief. 

Ours are crafted from the same flower batches as our eternal bestseller, Sex Panther, for a massive sativa punch that will leave you struggling to complete a full sentence, but you won't even care. 

MoonRocks are designed to be inhaled, smoked in a pipe, joint, bong, or vaporizer, depending on your personal preference.

First, you will need to break up the bud. We suggest using scissors for this task as the resin has a tendency to stick to fingers when breaking it up by hand. We would also recommend wiping your scissors down with alcohol beforehand to clear the blades of contaminants and keep your flower experience as pure as possible. 

Then, you're going to want to pack a bowl or set up your joint with flower, but with roughly half as much as you would normally use. We, naturally, recommend using the same strain as the MoonRocks to keep the terpene profile consistent and maximize your experience. Add the MoonRocks across the top of the bowl or in small pieces across the length of the joint for a consistent smoke.

Light up and enjoy!