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CBD For Pets: Safety & Effects

CBD is generally regarded as safe for pets - but many pet owners have reported issues with their pets acting out on CBD. We’ll cover why that is, and where to get high-quality, pure CBD for pets.

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With the explosion in popularity of CBD products for humans, another trend has emerged…CBD for pets! It turns out there’s a ton of interest in CBD for dogs, cats and other animals and especially their potential in helping decrease pet well-being and reduce joint issues, amongst a variety of other issues.

But some people are wary of giving their pets anything cannabis related - as there is obviously a lot of stigma and misinformation surrounding cannabis. 

So we’re here to set the record straight so you can feel confident making the best choices possible for your furry family members. 

Are CBD Products For Pets Safe?

CBD products are generally considered safe for pets, although no CBD pet products are FDA-approved at the time of this writing. The most important thing to remember is that, much like with humans, pets experience scaled effects from CBD, so dosage is important.  

When using CBD oil for dogs and cats you’ll want to make sure that you secure a high quality, refined product that is free of any contaminants or unnecessary inclusions. Because our furry friends can process compounds differently than we do, it is especially important to start small and keep an eye on their behavior to determine whether or not that dosage needs to be increased. 

CBD Effects On Pets

CBD might be able to help your pets with a number of different problems, but let us offer a word of caution when looking for affordable CBD for pets.

Make sure that your CBD source is high-quality, all-natural CBD, that is tested through a third party laboratory, to ensure the cleanest experience for your pets possible.

CBD products for pets are becoming more and more popular, but you will want to make sure that you are buying a product that is exclusively a CBD formula, free of any additives, so your pet’s system is not being loaded down with other experiential ingredients. This way you can test the effectiveness of the CBD on its own without any additional factors to rule out.

Where To Buy CBD For Pets With noWorries for Quality and Purity? 

There’s no need to go from pet shop to head shop searching for CBD for pets near you. You can order all kinds of CBD products - CBD tincture for dogs as well as CBD and THC solutions for you - all online at PharmaCBD!

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