High Fives - Euphoria Blend (THCA+D8+HHC) (5 Mini PreRolls)

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On The Run? These Mini PreRolls Are Ready to Get You Lifted in a Hurry

Need a go-to grabber for on the go fun? Look no further than our High Fives! Each jar contains five mini prerolls that are packed with a perfectly balanced blend of cannabis flower for a go to experience that won't take up your whole day. 

So, What's The Euphoria Blend?


In a world of increasingly complex cannabis culture, blends are becoming more and more popular. While we love the cannabinoids all by themselves and while they all have something unique to offer, sometimes stacked cannabinoid combos can offer you the perfectly balanced effects you're craving. Enter Euphoria. This blend features a three-flower triad that's sure to knock you out of the park. Let's break it down.

Delta 8 THC - contributes a blissful body buzz that it engineered for relaxation 

HHC - adds a creative, social state of mind that's perfect for an afternoon stroll 

THCA - creates a high potency baseline, grounding the other two cannabinoids in an authentic Delta-9-esque feel.