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Full-Spectrum CBD Tattoo Balm

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Protect Your Permanent Art Gallery

When we sat down to dream up new products, we couldn't help but notice that a number of our team members had one distinct thing in common: they were sporting ink. We discussed, and most said that they wished there were a better way to protect their artwork longterm. So, we got to work on a solution. 

This moisturizing balm is our result, tackling three of the big reasons that tattoos can fade prematurely:


#1 - Sun Exposure

Tattoos and sunlight generally don't mix and UV rays will break down pigments in the skin at an alarmingly rapid rate, leading to overall fade, fuzzy edges, and unwelcome color changes (we've all seen a beach bum or two sporting some very green looking ink that should be black). We began our formulation on a foundation of SPF15 for consistent sun protection that's perfect for every day exposure, and added ginkgo biloba extract to our massage oil blend, which also acts as a natural sunscreen. A thin layer is all you need to defend against your ink's worst enemy. 


#2 - Friction

Another big part of the reason that tattoos fade comes down to consistent rubbing, washing, and abrasion against the tattooed area, which will wear down the ink concentration with time. This is one reason why tattoos on hands, feet, elbows, knees, etc. fade faster than other areas. Our balm contains shea butter, coconut oil, and beeswax, which help improve your skin's overall condition and help your skin slide more easily against clothing and other surfaces, reducing friction. It doesn't hurt that these ingredients also lock moisture into the skin, lending instant brightness and a refreshed look to any tattoo. 


#3 - Aging

It's an inevitable part of life, but there are things you can do for your skin that can help delay the process. Our proprietary massage oil blend is made up of numerous beneficial ingredients, including Vitamin E oil which helps to guard against wrinkles (which will further distort tattooing), camelia seed oil, which smooths out flaking skin and contains collagen-defending squalene. We also add walnut oil, a proven skin smoother than repairs damage to the outer layers of the epidermis (ie, where your tattoos are located). 


All of these wonderful ingredients are in addition to 750mg of CBD and 514mg of CBG, excellent skin conditioners that help to regulate the body's systems, calm inflammation and reduce redness, letting your tattoos colors shine their brightest and truest. 


Keep in mind, we DO NOT recommend this blend for fresh tattoos. The balm is too thick to allow proper oxygen flow to fresh wounds, so follow your artist's instructions for healing and use this balm for long term care.