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Euphoria Blend 3ml Disposable Vaporizer

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Prepare Yourself for Total Bliss

We are so proud of these ultra-sleek 3ml disposable vapes. Part of our blended Euphoria collection, these pocket friendly devices combine the best in vaping tech along with a potent and complex cannabinoid blend for an uplifting experience that you're sure to keep coming back to. 

This version of the Euphoria landscape comes courtesy of a balanced combo of Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, Delta 10 THC, and the super-strong THCP, nestled in a convient and ergonomic 3ml vape. Our disposables have a preheat function for quick and smooth function, two power modes for the perfect draw, and 280mah of power that won't leave you feeling held back. 

The totally ceramic heating elements offer a superior taste experience that maximizes each terpene's flavor and aroma and allows for a consistent, smooth vaping experience. Perhaps our favorite feature of these little pocket rockets, though, is its BioBaleen technology. Inspired by the filter feeding mechanism in whales (yep, it's called a baleen), this addition to the mouthpiece reduces dreaded spitback by 95%, which in our book is pretty awesome. 



- 5 rapid clicks = on/off 

- 2 rapid clicks = preheat function 

- 3 rapid clicks = voltage change (there are two voltages and three clicks will change between a high and low)

- press and hold the trigger button while inhaling to vape

- enjoy! :) 


Our Euphoria blend disposables are available in 9 different strains:


Durban Poison (sativa) - creative / focused / fun 

Forbidden Fruit (hybrid) - heavy / stress-free / hungry

Fruit Cereal (hybrid) - euphoric / relaxed / happy

King Louis XIII (indica) - creative / cerebral / relaxed

OG Kush - (hybrid) - cerebral / heavy / social

Strawberry Mimosa (sativa) - energetic / uplifted / giggly

Super Lemon Haze (sativa) - mellow / motivated / social

Watermelon OG (indica) - relaxed / sleepy / uplifted

Zkittlez (indica) - sleepy / mellow / euphoric


We've turned up the terpene blends on this mix as well, for an added shot of flavor and wellness benefit. 

Experience the ultimate in vaporizer luxury. Find a state of Euphoria today! 



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  • Karen Novak

    I take one of these with me everywhere I go, lasts a long time, works great.