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CBD Flower - Frosted Lime

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Enjoy A Squeeze of Refreshment

If you're looking for a spritzy refresh to your day, Frosted Lime might just be the thing you need. This sativa-dominant hybrid is a great smoke for mid-day as this CBD flower isn't quite as heavy as other varieties. Citrusy, spritzy, but with a distinct skunky aroma, its presence is fascinating and unique. This is probably owing in part to its heritage, which is a mostly unsolved mystery. Though we know Frosty X was involved at some point, the other members of this strains family remain a closely guarded secret of the growing industry. As with most CBD strains the effect is more about what you don't feel than what you do. Expect all of the rewarding ritual and beneficial effects of cannabis smoking without the psychoactive high, but in this case a more uplifted and happy headspace than most traditionally sleepy CBD flower.  

Our Frosted Lime CBD flower comes in resealable 3.5g and 1oz packages, as well as a 1.2g pop-top resealable pre-roll tube. 

Storing Your Hemp Flower


Your hemp flower will remain fresh in its original packaging throughout its use, but there are a few things to keep in mind.

Always keep the package tightly sealed between uses to keep the hemp flower fresh.

Do not refrigerate your hemp flower as it will attract moisture.

Do not freeze your hemp flower as it will damage the delicate trichomes along the buds.

Store your hemp flower somewhere out of direct sunlight.

Hemp flower lasts longest when stored at 77 and 88 degrees Fahrenheit. 

If you are not going to use your hemp flower for a while, storing the flower in airtight Mason jars under the same conditions outlined above is a good idea. The jars not only keep the flower fresh, the glass acts to continue to cure the hemp flower.

You Can Trust the Quality of Our Hemp Flower at PharmaCBD!


There are many reasons that you can trust the quality of the hemp flower you purchase from PharmaCBD. We don't mean to brag, but we've worked hard to produce the best buds out there and we hold our latest developments to rigorous standards before releasing anything to the market. But there are two other equally important reasons to always get your hemp flower from us.

#1. We only use hemp grown in the United States, because American hemp farmers must grow their crops under strict guidelines set by the USDA. This means that the hemp in this country is sworn to a strict commitment to be grown in soil that is free of heavy metals and other environmental contaminats and without the use of any pesticides. This is of the utmost importance because hemp plants, like any other crop will absorb those toxins, tainting its precious flower and passing them along to you. Not all countries have the same growing standards as the US, so hemp that isn't domestically grown usually can't always be guaranteed to boast the same clean qualities. 

#2. We test all of our hemp flower through an independent laboratory. This is referred to as third party testing and not only verifies the cannabinoid levels of the hemp for doseage and legality but also ensures that the hemp does not contain any dangerous toxins. Why don't we just test it at our own lab? We consider it a duty to our customers to be transparent and honest with everything we do. By testing through an independent lab you can rest assured that no bias or skewing ever enters into the ingredients list, providing you with products you can trust, and you don't have to take our word for it.

Try our hemp flower today. Not only will you love its delectable taste and aroma, but you’re also going to enjoy the fact that you are smoking the purest hemp flower available because you bought it from PharmaCBD!