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Vegan Delta-8 THC Mixed Fruit Snacks

Apr 9, 2021

Vegan Delta-8 THC Mixed Fruit Snacks

When we’re young, we tend to take our health for granted and almost feel invincible. But as the years go by, our health becomes more and more of a concern. We all want to look and feel fantastic, and one of the ways we can take care of ourselves, no matter our age, is to maintain a healthy diet. 

Proper eating habits with lots of nutritional foods that contain plenty of vitamins and antioxidants are crucial to provide our body with the fuel that we need to get through our busy day. There are many different ideas on what kind of diet we should follow from many leaders in the wellness industry. However, many people, for health or moral reasons, have turned to Veganism. This eating plan excludes all meats, eggs, dairy, or any other food derived from animals.

Vegan Delta 8 THC Mixed Fruit Snacks

Sticking with a strict vegan diet can be pretty daunting. You must analyze every product to ensure that no ingredient list contains any item that in any way comes from an animal. We understand, and we at PharmaCBD want to invite you to try our Hemp Derived Delta 8 THC Mixed Fruit Snacks.

Our delicious snacks come in various fruit flavors, and each of our fruit snacks is packed with 20 milligrams of potent Delta 8 THC. Our fruit snacks come in packs of 15 or 30, so you always have plenty on hand whenever you need a shot of Delta 8 THC goodness. 

We suggest starting by enjoying one-third of the snack the first time you try this product. It may take as long as two hours for you first to feel the effects, and those effects may not peak until three or four hours later. This is why we suggest waiting four hours, and if you have not realized the desired effects, bite into another third. Repeat this process until you reach your desired results.

Why Aren’t All of Our Edibles Vegan?

You would think something as fun to eat as the rest of our selection of Delta 8 THC products would be as Vegan-friendly as our fruit snacks. However, if you look closely at the ingredients to our gummy rings, worms, and other forms of edibles, you will notice that these tasty treats use gelatin as a gelling agent. If you aren’t already aware, gelatin is created by boiling down bones, tendons, and other animal parts to create a hydrocolloid or gelatin substance. Therefore, since it is a byproduct of an animal, gelatin is not Vegan. In fact, it’s technically not vegetarian either.

PharmaCBD’s Other Vegan Products

At PharmaCBD, we believe in giving our loyal customers plenty of choices. This is why we carry such a vast array of products in our inventory so that we can provide plenty of holistic wellness alternatives to over-the-counter drugs. Not only can you choose a plant-based alternative to what you will find in your local pharmacy aisle, but you can also choose from many different types of holistic products to suit your taste and needs. 

We offer our Vegan customers the same plethora of choices as well. If you are in the market for CBD products and are eager to try a full spectrum CBD item in an edible form, we offer our Vegan-friendly Mixed Fruit Snacks 600 mg Full Spectrum Gummy or Natural Pineapple Fruit Slices. Each of these delectable treats includes a full 20 milligrams of CBD, along with other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, in a sweet and tasty gummy. You can’t go wrong with a fun-to-eat and beneficial gummy! 

Another favorite among our Vegan friends is our selection of tinctures. We have both CBD and Delta 8 THC tinctures to choose from, and all of our flavors and strengths provide not only phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, all of our tinctures include a plant-based carrier oil like MCT or extra-virgin olive oil. So you can purchase a potent, holistic CBD or Delta 8 THC product that contains no animal byproducts.

Of course, you can have a wonderful Vegan experience by trying one of our many smoke or vape products. We have both CBD and Delta 8 THC flower, prerolls, and blunts, so there are plenty of choices when it comes to encountering the cannabinoid, flavor, and overall experience you desire. We even carry Hemp-Derived Delta 8 Dabs for the seasoned dabber!

Why You Should Choose PharmaCBD

We at PharmaCBD understand that it’s tough enough to find Vegan options in the products you desire. What makes it even more challenging is when many products in the same genre are competing for your attention. This is no more relevant than when you are shopping for Delta 8 THC or CBD products.

Since The Farm Bill of 2018 made hemp products legal in the U.S., many companies have opened their doors and begun selling CBD and Delta 8 THC products in storefronts and online. With so many of these items flooding the market, how do you know which distributor to trust? We at PharmaCBD believe you should trust us with your hemp product needs, and here’s why.

All of our products are derived from hemp that is grown in the U.S. The USDA’s strict growing requirements mean that American hemp is free from pesticides and heavy metals. Products derived from imported hemp cannot make this claim.

We use only scientifically advanced extraction techniques like Supercritical CO2 extraction. This ensures that there are no residual solvents in our products, as you may find with products that use hemp oil extracted by less expensive methods.

All of our inventory is tested by a third-party laboratory. The lack of oversight by the FDA on hemp products has allowed many CBD and Delta 8 THC items to go to market with incorrect labels or dangerous ingredients. The only way you can be sure that what is in the product is precisely what is on the label is if an independent laboratory tests that product. Not only do we test all of our products, but we also publish the results right on our website.

Don’t trust your health to anyone else. Shop with PharmaCBD today!