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The Role of Terpenes in Your CBD or Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC Product

Jun 2, 2021

The Role of Terpenes in Your CBD or Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC Product

Believe it or not, there may be parts to a plant that you might not know existed. Sure, you’ve heard of or even studied leaves, stems, and flowers. But what of other parts of the plant like trichomes and terpenes? While these parts of the plant are not as well known, they are definitely important – especially when it comes to hemp-derived products. So if you are considering purchasing or already using a CBD or hemp-derived Delta 8 THC product, you should know the role of terpenes within that product. 

What Are Terpenes?

Terpenes are the part of the plant that gives that plant its unique taste and smell. The plant uses the terpenes’ fragrance to ward off grazing animals and some insects while at the same time attracting other pollinating insects. Here are some examples of common primary terpenes.

  • Limonene - Has a lively, citrusy scent and taste.
  • Pinene - Has the scent of pine trees.
  • Myrcene - Has an earthy, clove scent.
  • Humulene - Has the woodsy smell of the outdoors.

The cannabis species of plant has an abundance of terpenes found in the threads that look like sugar crystals and run along the plant’s flowers and leaves. The cannabis plant is no different, as there are approximately 100 terpenes found in the plant. The combination of terpenes within each unique strain of the cannabis plant gives that plant its unique smell and flavor. 

Why Are Terpenes Important?

Terpenes give the plant its unique smell and taste. While different plants have long been understood to have healing properties, some of those properties can partially be tied to the terpenes in that plant. Let’s take a look at the four primary terpenes we looked at a minute ago as an example.

  • Limonene - Has an uplifting quality that helps with symptoms of anxiousness and is a digestive aid. 
  • Pinene - Is a known anti-inflammatory, bronchodilator, and anti-bacterial.
  • Myrcene - Causes a relaxed sensation throughout the body.
  • Humulene - Known for its appetite suppressant and anti-inflammatory properties.

So from a holistic wellness point of view, the terpenes in plants are essential in promoting more natural healing solutions.

The Role of Terpenes in Your Hemp-Derived Product

Many CBD and hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products are on the market today. But, unfortunately, many of those products are either isolates or have stripped the cannabinoid, terpene, and flavonoid content down to a bare minimum. We at PharmaCBD take a different approach and include a full profile of terpenes in our products, and here are a few reasons why.

Terpenes Are a Natural Source of Aroma and Flavor

One of the enjoyable features of products produced from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant is how each strain has its own unique and powerful aroma and flavor. Studying these terpenes is a lot like sampling different varieties of wine – each has its own bouquet and flavor. Cannabis plants are no different and have long been known for the pungent smell of their flower. 

This is why we believe in using those natural terpenes to produce the flavors in our tinctures. For example, our Pineberry flavored THC Free CBD Oil boasts 32% beta-Caryophyllene, 27% Limonene, 15% Myrcene, and 12% Linalool. Using the organic flavors from the hemp plant’s terpene profile, we can naturally flavor our tincture products. 

Terpenes Have Holistic Healing Properties

When you purchase CBD and hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products, you are buying those products for the benefits that the main cannabinoids featured in those products offer. We’ve already established how each terpene has its own unique healing properties. But by including a full terpene profile in the product, we provide a far superior overall wellness experience than without those terpenes.

Terpenes and the Entourage Effect

Whenever we process our American grown hemp, the first step is the extraction process, where we remove the hemp oil from the rest of the hemp plant matter. This raw oil contains numerous cannabinoids, flavonoids, and terpenes, and this is what we use in our full-spectrum products.

Anecdotal evidence and some research have suggested that combining these elements, acting together, creates far superior results in the user than with just using a cannabinoid isolate alone. This is commonly known as “The Entourage Effect,” and why we insist on including a full terpene profile in our products.

We Love Terpenes at PharmaCBD!

At PharmaCBD, we are committed to helping all of our loyal customers reach their wellness goals. We believe there are holistic solutions to artificial pharmaceuticals, and the use of terpenes in our products is just one way we underscore that belief. You need to look no further than our vast inventory for evidence that we trust in beneficial products with a complete terpene profile.

Take, for example, our Flagship Full Spectrum Tincture Oil. If you examine the packaging, not only will you find a list of the primary and secondary cannabinoids found in the tincture, you will also find that we proudly display the terpene profile as well. This gives our customers an idea of the additional benefits found from the terpenes in the product.

Much of our hemp flower, like our Sweet Diesel Prepackaged Flower, is the same way. The protective packaging for the flower displays both the cannabinoid and terpene profile of that product.

Even if you don’t see a terpene profile on the packaging – like with our full line of edibles – when you see that product labeled as full-spectrum or THC-free, you can rest assured that the product includes not only a range of cannabinoids but also beneficial flavonoids and terpenes as well. This way, you are sure to experience all of the benefits of the Entourage Effect with all of our CBD products.

You have a choice when you shop for CBD and hemp-derived Delta 8 THC products, and we believe that carrying items with full terpene profiles along with potent cannabinoids makes us the obvious choice. Buy from PharmaCBD today!