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How CBD and Melatonin Interact Together

Jun 25, 2021

How CBD and Melatonin Interact Together

So many things in modern life affect the way we sleep. A century ago, our sleep was dictated by natural circadian rhythms that were ruled by the rising and setting of the sun. Now we have electric lights, alarm clocks, travel between time zones, computer screens, and a host of other obstacles that vie to deprive us of a good night’s sleep.

In these modern times, we are often looking for ways to help us get the sleep we badly need to keep our immune systems intact and reduce our stress level. Of course, there are always pharmaceuticals. But these can become habit-forming and may leave you feeling groggy in the morning. Fortunately, nature has provided holistic solutions to the problem of getting and staying asleep. Two of those solutions are melatonin and CBD.

How Melatonin Works

Melatonin is a hormone that your body creates to regulate your sleep cycle. In the natural circadian rhythm, your body should start producing melatonin a few hours before it is time to sleep. From there, the pineal gland in your brain continues to produce melatonin to help you stay asleep until a few hours before it is time to wake. Then your body stops producing the melatonin so that you wake naturally.

In days past, your pineal gland started creating melatonin after the sunset, and the temperature outside began to drop. Today, with electric lights and climate-controlled buildings, your body doesn’t get those same signals and may not produce sufficient melatonin to help you get to sleep and stay asleep. Even the blue light from your computer screen signals to your pineal gland that the sun is still out.

How CBD Works

Another of your body’s natural systems is your endocannabinoid system. This is a system of neural pathways throughout your nervous system and brain that regulates mood, sleep, comfort, and other natural functions. While your body creates its own endocannabinoids to function within this system, science has discovered that phytocannabinoids, which are found in the cannabis plant, also interact with your body’s endocannabinoid system and help it to perform effectively.

Cannabidiol (CBD) is the primary phytocannabinoid currently being used to help the body achieve homeostasis as it interacts with the endocannabinoid system. Anecdotal evidence has shown that users experience a calming effect from taking these phytocannabinoid-rich CBD supplements. Some report using the product throughout the day to help them handle the ongoing stressors of life, while others take their dose when coming home to help them relax after a tough day.

How Melatonin and CBD Work Together

As you have probably already concluded, the combination of CBD and melatonin could be ideal for helping you to get a good night’s sleep. A dose of CBD during the daytime would serve to improve your overall well-being. At night, taking a CBD dose would help you relax and prepare your body for sleep.

A dose of melatonin, however, should be reserved for nighttime use. This is because a dose of melatonin will supplement your body’s natural melatonin production and help you to get to sleep and stay asleep.

Dosage Timing Recommendations

To effectively use CBD and melatonin for sleep, the dosage(s) must be taken at an opportune time for maximum effectiveness. However, there are a couple of variables to consider. For example, some people have trouble falling asleep, while others have no problem falling asleep, but they struggle with staying asleep all night. Another variable is if you are using separate CBD and melatonin products or using a single product that is a combination of CBD and melatonin like our Watermelon Rings with Melatonin. We’re going to give you our recommendations for each scenario.

Trouble Getting to Sleep

If you’re using a single combination product like our Watermelon Rings with Melatonin, we suggest enjoying a ring about two hours before bedtime. This will give the product sufficient time to be processed by your digestive tract and for you to fully feel the effects.

If you are using separate products, we suggest a CBD tincture, edible, or softgel throughout the day to help keep your body in homeostasis. Then, once you get home at the end of the workday, take another dose of CBD with dinner or enjoy a CBD hemp flower smoke after dinner. This will help to get your body ready for sleep. Then, about an hour before bedtime, take a melatonin supplement.

Trouble Staying Asleep

For those that can get to sleep easily but have trouble staying asleep, the timing of the doses is a little different.

If you are using a single combination product like our Triple Layer PM Bears with Melatonin, wait until right before bedtime to enjoy your gummy bear. This way, the CBD and melatonin will kick in a couple of hours into your sleep cycle and help you to remain asleep through the night.

The same goes for if you are using separate products. Enjoy a gummy, tincture, or softgel right before it’s time to hit the hay. Smokes are not as ideal in this situation as the effects only last a couple of hours. Also, take your melatonin supplement right before bed as well. This way, the products will enter your bloodstream in a couple of hours as you sleep and help you to remain that way throughout the night.

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