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HHC Drug Test: Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

Mar 7, 2023

HHC Drug Test: Does HHC Show Up on a Drug Test?

HHC is slowly gaining popularity as a new cannabinoid that offers a legal alternative to THC. While scientific discoveries have made it possible for new cannabinoid products, such as Delta 8 gummies, to provide consumers an opportunity to enjoy hemp-derived THC extracts, some states still consider them Illegal. And once these cannabinoids are exposed to laboratory changes, the waters get even murkier.

HHC, or hexahydrocannabinol, is simply hydrogenated THC, but this does make HHC different from THC molecularly as it has two additional hydrogen molecules. However, will HHC fail a drug test like THC? 

We will discuss everything you need to know about the new cannabinoid, including the HHC drug test and other essential information. Continue reading to find out more.

Does HHC Show Up in a Drug Test Like THC?

hexahydrocannabinol products that can show up in a drug test

Since HHC is relatively new to the market, there are still a few lingering questions that consumers have about its effects. Does HHC show up in a drug test? 

One of the curiosities behind the formulation of HHC was that it was partially developed to avoid a THC distinction, and the theory behind it suggested that it might be able to avoid detection during drug screening as well. However, the research on this particular breed of cannabis is not well researched. Therefore, there is no guarantee of HHC drug test results. In theory, HHC shouldn’t show up on a test screening for THC, right? Well, the answer might not be as simple as you’d think. 

There are several THC cannabinoid drug tests, including those that involve urine, saliva, hair, blood, and more. Will HHC pass the drug test? It depends on the types of tests conducted. 

So, does HHC show up in urine tests? It’s tough to be 100% sure. However, researchers and drug screening organizations believe that it will not work for several reasons. Some of these reasons are mentioned below. 

HHC Metabolism 

HHC is molecularly different from THC and it breaks down slightly differently in your system. That means that HHC will also break down into slightly different metabolites, but it also breaks down into a lot of similar ones. The vast majority of HHC THC drug tests do screen for THC metabolites, and as many do line up between the two, the chance of detection isn’t exactly low. 

The other issue is how long it takes your system to be rid of these metabolites. Everyone metabolizes at a different rate, making the time you exist with the substance in your system highly variable. This depends on a number of personal factors, including age, weight, body fat percentage, exercise level, sex, and more. Even your genetic history can play a factor. 

HCC Cross-Contamination 

The federal government accepts hemp products as legal, given that the THC concentration is not more than 0.3%. However, that is not a guarantee for every product. The HHC drug screen searches for several indicators present in THC but not HHC.

However, some manufacturers do not provide contamination reports for their products and claim that there are only trace amounts of THC, but that is not always the case. Since HHC is derived from THC, only ISO laboratory testing can cleanly certify the remnant levels of Delta 9 THC present, which would up the chance of detection. Therefore, you must only trust manufacturers that provide a Certificate of Analysis for their products.

How Long Does HHC Stay In Your System: Clearing the Misunderstanding

There is too much doubt about the matter, while some declare HHC stays in the body for longer than THC, and some say it's the same duration for both cannabinoids. So, how long does HHC stay in your system?

The short answer is that there is no one size fits all. Several factors determine how long HHC will stay in the system. Each person is different, and the way HHC affects them also differs. Some of the factors that influence how long HHC lasts in the body are:

  • The type of product you use and how concentrated HHC is.
  • The amount of HHC product you consume.
  • How frequently you use HHC 
  • Your age, gender, and BMI
  • How your body metabolizes HHC 

So how long does HHC last? The best method of telling is to check it out yourself. You can get an HHC drug testing kit and check yourself to understand how long your body retains HHC. Depending on the results, you will know when to stop taking the product before taking the hexahydrocannabinol drug test. 

Generally, the time can vary between a week and six weeks. To be safe, we recommend you stop taking HHC at least three to five weeks before the drug test. 

Learn More About HHC Drug Screens

hhc gummies as sample for a drug test in the lab

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