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Cannabis Concentrates: An Ultimate Guide

Mar 21, 2023

Cannabis Concentrates: An Ultimate Guide

While each cannabis product is effective, the results may take time to come into action. Some cannabis users prefer edibles like CBD or THC gummies due to flavor preferences, while others opt for vape cartridges to get immediate results. But, for those seeking ultimate potency in a cannabis experience, many users turn to cannabis concentrates. This ultimate guide will walk you through the different types of THC concentrates and their essential details to help you decide if they’re right for you.

What Are Cannabis Concentrates? An Overview

A cannabis concentrate is a condensed extract that contains cannabinoids, typically THC, in high concentrations. Most cannabis concentrates consist of oil extracts, terpenes, and cannabinoids that produce consistently potent effects. Like most things in life, the best cannabis concentrates result from proper extraction techniques, typically performed in a laboratory, though there are options that exist for basic extraction at home. 

So, What Are The Different Types of Cannabis Concentrates?

Like other cannabis products, concentrates also have various types. Typically, concentrates vary due to their cannabinoid concentrations and effects. The different types of cannabis concentrates include wax, shatter, bubble hash, tinctures, and more. We have covered the details of each for your understanding.

Marijuana leaf and wax showing an example of the best cannabis concentrates you can find.


As the name suggests, wax is a dense and (slightly) granular substance with a golden color. It is one of the most popular choices among the different cannabis concentrates. You can add it to a flower or use a dabbing device to get the most effective results.

Live Resin

Harvested after freezing the plant, live resin is a potent and sticky substance concentrated on cannabis terpenes. Since experts use a solvent for its extraction, they call it “live” resin. As a preferred choice among different types of cannabis concentrates, live resin gives great results when used in a dabbing device. 


Shatter is a glass-like substance that may hold the appearance of a thin candy. The color of this concentrate depends on the purity of the substance. You may notice an amber color in some of the superior shatter crystals.


Budder is an extremely potent type of cannabis concentrate. Known by different names (budder, batter, badder, etc.), this substance looks like butter. Although it might not be as aromatic as other concentrates, its potency can produce highly effective results.


Among the different cannabis concentrates, distillate is a more refined form of resin. It is widely famous among weed users as THC oil. A distillate is highly potent and may only require a drop to produce the desired effect in the body. Most users use a dabbing device or vape pens to smoke distillates.


Tinctures are relatively less potent than THC oil and pure distillates. Being a popular type of cannabis concentrate, tinctures are readily available in cannabis shops. You can consume them via edibles or sublingually.

Tincture, distillate, and hemp leaf showing more options of different cannabis concentrates

The different types of cannabis concentrate explained above can give you an idea of each before you buy.

How to Use Cannabis Concentrates Appropriately?

You can use cannabis concentrates in various forms. Most cannabis users prefer dabbing or vaping when using concentrates. However, you can also opt for cooking with concentrates. We have listed a few common methods below for your ease.

Smoking Flower (Quick, Mild Effects)

If you do not want to opt for cooking with cannabis concentrates, you can smoke it with a flower. You can add kief or even bits of wax, diamonds, or budder to your joint or bowl for potent results.

Dabbing (Quick, Intense Effects)

Using cannabis concentrates with a dab rig specifically designed for concentrate use can produce immediate and intense effects. However, dabbing requires a multi-step approach and specialized tools for the best results, so this method may not be the best for someone that is just dipping a toe in the concentrate waters. 

Vaping (On-the-Go Use)

If you need a light high, using different types of marijuana concentrates via specialized vape pens can produce the desired effects, though the results are not nearly as intense as when concentrates are used in a dab rig. Make sure, when purchasing a vape for this purpose, that the vape is built to handle concentrates specifically. Many vaporizers are not designed to reach temperatures high enough to properly vaporize them.


Cannabis Concentrates for Beginners

If you wonder how you can get into cannabis concentrates for beginners, there are plenty of ways to try them. The best option is to find a reliable cannabis manufacturer to source superior cannabis products. PharmaCBD is a trusted manufacturer and seller with a wide product range to suit your needs. To get different types of marijuana concentrates, browse through our online catalog and decide what you need. In case you have questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team via contact form.