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5 Ways to Increase Absorption of CBD in Your Body

Feb 1, 2021

5 Ways to Increase Absorption of CBD in Your Body

If you are an avid CBD enthusiast or are just beginning the journey toward better health by including CBD in your daily regimen, you want to make sure that you are getting the most out of your CBD dollar. You want to look for the highest quality product that contains the CBD strength you need. But you also need your CBD gummies or other products to be properly absorbed into your system so it can have maximum effect and do its job. With this in mind, we at PharmaCBD would like to suggest five ways to increase the amount of CBD that gets absorbed into your body.

Suggestion #1: Fatty Foods

In its natural state, cannabidiol (CBD) is fat-soluble; this means that the CBD must be absorbed into the lymph system and then transported through the bloodstream along with the usual carrier proteins. By comparison, water-soluble products and foods are more easily digested than fat-soluble products. So if you want to maximize the amount of CBD that makes it into your system, you have to work at it a bit. Suppose you are using tinctures, capsules, edibles, or any other orally ingested CBD product. In that case, you can take steps to increase the percentage of CBD goodness absorbed into your system.

The first step you can take to increase absorption is to take your CBD with food or directly after a meal. Taking it with food slows the rate at which digestive enzymes destroy the compound before the liver can metabolize it. That process preserves CBD so that it can be absorbed later in the digestive tract. Studies have shown that CBD absorption into the body is 4 - 14 times greater when you take it with food than if you take it on an empty stomach.

If you choose to take your CBD while eating a high in fatty acids, you will increase its absorption. This is because the fatty acids help protect the CBD from being broken down by the liver's enzymes. Some examples of foods that are rich in fatty acids are:

  • Meat,
  • Avocados,
  • Eggs,
  • Nuts,
  • Olive oil,
  • Fish,
  • Soybean oil, and 
  • Coconut oil.

These foods help increase the absorption rate after ingestion because they help to leave the CBD concentration intact.

Suggestion #2: Add CBD to Your Coffee

There are few rituals Americans enjoy more than a good cup of coffee in the morning. By getting in the habit of adding CBD to your coffee, you can ensure that you don’t miss your daily dose of this holistic and helpful substance.

Also, coffee increases the absorption rate of your CBD because the CBD takes a ride on the caffeine that is quickly absorbed into your system. If you would like to enhance your absorption rate, even more, add a tab of butter or coconut oil to your coffee to increase the amount of fat. As we talked about in Suggestion #1, the fat content also increases the absorption of CBD.

There is another interesting benefit that you will get from adding CBD to your coffee. If you happen to enjoy too many cups of coffee, CBD may counteract any jitters you might experience.

Suggestion #3: Hold It under Your Tongue Longer

If you are a fan of tinctures, and how you like to take your CBD, this suggestion applies to you. The capillaries under the tongue bypass the digestive tract and deliver the CBD directly into your bloodstream. Some manufacturers suggest holding the tincture under your tongue for a full minute before swallowing it. More of a good thing is not always better—but in this case, it is. In other words, you will increase the absorption rate even more if you hold the tincture under your tongue for more than a single minute. Our advice is to hold it under your tongue as long as it is comfortable before swallowing to maximize absorption.

Of course, once you swallow the CBD, it will then be processed through your digestive tract. So combine suggestions #1 and #3 by holding your tincture under your tongue for as long as possible, then swallow it right before you eat a meal high in fatty acids.

Suggestion #4: Helpful Spices

These terpene-rich herbs and spices may increase CBD absorption:

  • Turmeric,
  • Rosemary, and 
  • Black pepper.

Most people are familiar with black pepper. But you may not be familiar with rosemary or turmeric because these are not universal staples of everyone's diet. But if the food you normally eat doesn't include these or other high terpene spices, why not try sprinkling a little on your favorite dish? Or look up good recipes online that include these spices and try adding them to your repertoire. And don't forget that if you use full-spectrum CBD, it already includes multiple terpenes from the hemp plant, which may increase the rate of absorption without the need to change your diet.

Suggestion #5: Try Water Soluble CBD

As we discussed before, in its natural state, CBD is fat-soluble. Unfortunately, the body's natural digestive system works better with water-soluble foods. Because of this, some retailers add step to their processing. This step changes the CBD molecule structure and makes it smaller, water-soluble, and more absorbable.

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