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420 Royalty Set (16pc)

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Feel Like the Canna-King or Queen You Truly Are!

This 420 Royalty Set is sure to be the talk of the party table, or at least the cause of the giggles at it. This staggering super set contains all of the essentials for a stash of goodies that will keep your loved one (or yourself) entertained all year long! We've curated a set of some of our most popular products to keep you busy, keep you guessing, and keep you exploring the wonderful world of cannabis. Make your gifted one the envy of all the land!


This Super Set Contains the Following Items:

- X1 - THCA 1.2g Preroll (random strain)

- X1 - THCA 3.5g Prepackaged Flower (random strain)

- X1 - Euphoria Blend THC 2g Vape Cart (random strain)

- X1 - Vape Battery

- X1 - Delta 8 THC Gummy (20mg) (6pc) (random flavor)

- X1 - Delta 8 / Delta 9 THC (50mg) (15pc) (random flavor)

- X1 - Euphoria Blend Gummy (120mg) (20pc) (random flavor)

- X1 - HHC Capsules (30mg) (30ct) 

- X6 - Delta 9 THC / CBD Chocolates (30mg) 

- X1 - Delta 9 THC Gummy (15mg) (10pc) (random flavor) 

- X1 - Delta 10 Gummy (25mg) (10pc) (random flavor)

- X1 - CBD Salve 

- X1 - CBD Gummy (25mg) (15pc) (random flavor)

- X1 - THCA MoonRock PreRoll (random strain) 

- X1 - Delta 8 / Delta 9 / Delta 10 THC Tinture (30ml)

- X1 - Delta 8 THC PreRoll Tin (5 prerolls to a tin)