THCA Flower - LIMITED SUPPLY - Gushers

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A Smooth and Sexy Smoke Monday Through Sunday

This slightly indica dominant strain originates from a delightful marriage of Gelato and Triangle Kush. Its bouquet is quite spicy, but with a rounded fruity, almost grapey note that makes it very pleasant and not overpowering. She’s also super dusty, a frosty white sheen and bright orange hairs making this one of the most attractive buds we’ve hosted. 

The indica portion of this hybrid is noticeable without being too powerful, lending an easy, relaxed vibe to your smoke, maybe not perfect for bedtime, but rather a Netflix binge-sesh after a rough work day where you’d like to turn off your brain for a while, yet not lose total consciousness. 

It is also reported to be quite the euphoric, sexy strain with a pleasant, not too heavy body buzz, so it’s also an ideal match if you’re seeking a libido boost for some extra intimate time with your partner. 

THCA Content: 25.2% 

We only have this flower for a short period of time, so grab it while you can! It might be a while until it returns to our shelves!