THCA Flower - LIMITED SUPPLY - Duct Tape

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Grab This Sticky Flower While You Can!

From our limited supply vaults comes a small batch of Duct Tape, an indica dominant hybrid cross between Gorilla Glue and Dos-i-Dos. This potent flower comes on strong and leaves a lasting impression, no waiting required. This strain's strength is well-known amongst users, boasting reported pain-killing and anxiety-easing effects that anyone will love. It is recommended to take your smoke slowly to avoid any unpleasant effects associated with the fast onset of its effects. Its aroma is a mix of sour and funky, a mix of earthy diesel and citrus top-notes that reflect its spritzy nature. 


THCA Content: 18.6% 


We only have this flower for a short period of time, so grab it while you can! It might be a while until it returns to our shelves!