THCA Flower - LIMITED SUPPLY - Banana Jealousy

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Indica Fans Rejoice With A Seriously Sweet Smoke

This indica strain is a punchy cross between Banana Cream and Leafly’s 2022 Strain of the Year, Jealousy. If your happy place is tucked into the space between your sofa cushions, this bud will bring you there. Prepare for total couchlock as time slips away and you bathe in an intense sea of relaxation. 

The creamy yet roasty banana aroma is magically heavy and distinct, a definite treat for the senses, matched in its heavy, analgesic decadence. As a bonus, its smoke is just as thick and creamy as its heady aroma. 

However, be careful not to overdo it. Due to the heavy concentration of limonene in its terpene profile this strain’s effects are slow to kick in at first, but give way to an intense high, which despite its seriously heavy body buzz, is remarkably clear-headed, so make sure to pace yourself or you’ll end up swimming in the deep end in a hurry. 


THCA Content: 24.8%


We only have this flower for a short period of time, so grab it while you can! It might be a while until it returns to our shelves!