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THCA Flower - LIMITED SUPPLY - Banana Cream

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This Strain is Totally Bananas

If you’ve seen all of the banana variations rolling through our lineup, it’s for good reason. All of the descendants of Banana OG are known for their delicious banana flavor and thick, aromatic smoke. Banana Cream is no exception to this rule, though the standard banana affectation is replaced by a general tropical fruit flavor and super creamy mouthfeel. 

This slightly indica leaning hybrid is a tricky minx in terms of effect. Slow to come on (don’t get impatient; she’s potent!), Banana Cream’s personality is revealed initially with a flushed rush of energy, very cerebral and giggly for an indica leaner. Users love its social energy and have noted an almost psychedelic effect that seems to distort sounds and colors, perfect for an unhurried evening in with buddies, blowing bubbles and painting your feelings (just our team?). 

Don’t be fooled though! This initial buzz turns eventually, giving way to rippling waves of relaxation and eventually, intense couchlock. Don’t expect the good ideas to keep rolling at this point. This strain finishes with a mental fog that will have your worries, and possibly your ability to form complete sentences, totally melting away. Also known for some serious munchies, you're going to want to make sure your pantry is stocked prior to partaking in this strain. 


THCA Content: 28.7%