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THCA Flower - LIMITED SUPPLY - Banana Cream Cake Jealousy

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You'll Go Bananas Over This One!

Continuing our deep love for the Banana OG lineage, this hybrid offering is sure to sweeten your day. Perfectly balanced between sativa and indica, these buds are the result of generations of complex breeding projects. The aroma of this awesome strain is somewhere between sweet banana, spicy skunk, and a mish-mash of various tropical fruits.

This bud hits fast and hard, but doesn’t have any of the edginess that can sneak into some quick-acting strains. The initial rush is very happy and upbeat, with noticeable focus and manageable energy that bleeds into a relaxed and glowy body buzz. This strain is also known for major munchies and making food taste even better than usual. Fans also like this combo strain for its social element, reporting that it dispels any tension and anxiety, allowing honest and positive conversation to flow freely.

Our suggestion is gathering up a few close friends for a game night with a potluck element. You get to try everyone’s amazing contributions, and giggle at each other’s antics. Dixit and Cards Against Humanity are so much more fun with a little cannabis in your system. 


28.7% THCA