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THCA Flower - LIMITED SUPPLY - Apricot Mimosa

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Stop and Smell the Roses With This Daytime Strain!

Love your sativa dominant hybrids? This one doesn’t disappoint. The flavor on this bud is laid back and rich, balancing out earthy florals with a finish of sweet fruit, truly reminiscent of apricots, though its aroma is spritzy and bright, clearly hearkening back to its Mimosa heritage. 

The effects of this strain are well balanced. Apricot Mimosa typically boasts a higher CBD and CBG content than most THCA rich strains and therefore is a great choice for wellness motivations when you’d prefer to steer clear of a heavier indica, relaxing the muscles and encouraging deep, luxurious breaths, without any couchlock.

The headspace is clear and bright, sure to brighten your mood when you are feeling down. This is one of those rare strains that produces noticeable alterations in the senses without the user feeling too overwhelmed. This means that you will still be functional enough to have a chat with your buddies at the gym and navigate the grocery store, but you’ll find that you might just enjoy the subtle flavors of your cappuccino, the texture of your fuzzy blanket, or the sound of Primo the Alien hitting that one note in “Dance Forever” (you know the one) more than you remember. Definitely a strain for appreciating the little things you find along your many day to day journeys. 


26.3% THCA