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Line Up For the Legend

Going hunting for a legendary strain? Well, you’ve found it. For a limited time only, we’ve got this much-talked about variety in house. AK-47 is a sativa dominant hybrid born out of classic, complex lineage, that has maintained its hallowed status for more than three decades. It has won 16 nationally recognized cannabis awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup, a feat most strains can only dream of. It is classically bright, with an addictive aroma that exists somewhere between fresh pine, skunky funk, and just-grated lemon zest.  

The effects come on very quickly and punch like a heavy hitting boxer. Intense with a buzzing euphoria, AK-47 evokes a happy, relaxed, zen-like state of being. There is clarity and positivity here that belies the name, though this potent strain can lead to paranoia if you aren’t careful about your consumption. Many refer to this strain as a “one hit wonder” so take care and go slow!  Beloved for its often discussed potential wellness benefits, this has become a staple of medical dispensaries, a one two punch of a good mood and mental focus. Experience a true classic, while it’s here!


27.02% THCA