THC Super Stoner Set (10pc)

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A Cannabis Enthusiast's Dream

Just in time for the holidays, this Cannabis Enthusiast Set is a slum dunk gift for any THC lover. Featuring 10 potent products, this gift will be here to bring the good times throughout the holidays and beyond. This super set covers an array of feature cannabinoids, and gives you the opportunity to enjoy edibles, tincture, and smokeables, all in one convenient package, and at a steep savings too!


This Gift Set Contains:

- X1 - 50mg 10pc Delta 8 THC gummy (random flavor)

- X1 - 30mg 10pc HHC / Delta 9 THC gummy (random flavor)

- X1 - 20mg 6pc Delta 8 THC gummy (random flavor)

- X1 - 20mg 2pc CBD gummy (random flavor)

- X1 - 25mg 10pc Delta 8 THC taffy

- X1 - 30ml Delta 8 THC tincture (random flavor)

- X1 - Delta 8 THC blunt (random strain)

- X1 - THCO 3.5g PrePackaged Flower (random strain)

- X1 - HHC 3.5g PrePackaged Flower (random strain)

- X1 - THCA PreRoll (random strain)



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