THC Smoker's Paradise Set (6pc)

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Watch the Holidays go up in Smoke, in a Good Way!

Just in time for the holidays, this THC Smoker's Set is truly paradise. For the smokers you know that just have to try the latest, coolest thing, we have a cannabinoid tour that's sure to impress, no matter what mood their in.


This Gift Set Contains:

- X1 - Delta 8 THC Pre-Roll Tin (5 assorted prerolls)

- X1 - Delta 8 THC Futurola Blunt (random strain)

- X1 - Delta 8 3.5g Prepackaged Flower (random strain)

- X1 - HHC Pre-Roll (random strain)

- X1 - HHC King Palm Blunt (random strain)

- X1 - THCA Pre-Roll (random strain) 


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