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Tasty, aromatic, and satisfying, you will love the complete experience you get when you light up one of our prerolls. Each preroll is packed with 1.2 grams of your favorite strain of premium quality hemp, just waiting for you to savor and enjoy. So smooth and fast-acting, surround yourself with an all-natural cloud of delicious hemp flower today!

Each preroll comes in its own sealed container to keep the hemp flower fresh until you are ready to relish its contents. So convenient to grab on the go and to keep with you until the time is right, these prerolls are the easy way to enjoy your favorite hemp flower.

Traveling Tips with CBD and Delta 8 THC Products

When you are heading for a trip out of state, there are some things you should keep in mind when you travel with CBD and Delta 8 THC hemp products.

The Farm Bill of 2018 made all hemp products legal on a federal level, as long as they contain less than 0.3% Delta 9 THC. However, each state can use the federal government’s guidelines or adopt its own laws and policies toward these products. This is why you should always educate yourself on the latest laws before traveling between states.

Always Keep Hemp Products in Their Original Container

The original container for your hemp product serves a couple of purposes. First, it keeps your product fresh. But second, it makes it easy to identify the product. Gummies, capsules, and especially hemp flower look suspicious when enclosed in something like a sandwich bag. Keeping your hemp products in the original container makes them easier to identify and less likely to get you in trouble with an overzealous law enforcement officer.

Keep Hemp Flower Unopened or Leave It at Home

This is true when you are considering packing hemp flower, prerolls, and blunts. Without testing, hemp is indistinguishable from marijuana. The only difference is the cannabis plant’s level of THC. By keeping your flower, preroll, or blunts unopened in their original sealed container, you are less likely to run afoul of the law. If you open the container, a law enforcement officer may suspect you of replacing the federally legal CBD flower with marijuana. Therefore, if you have opened the original packaging, it’s better to leave it at home and bring a tincture or other CBD or Delta 8 THC form of the product.

States Have Varying Laws Regarding Hemp Products

While CBD is legal in all states, some states like Nebraska demand that CBD products contain zero THC. Some states have made Delta 8 THC illegal, even though it is legal on a federal level. Always research the latest laws for the state you are going to and each state you’ll be traveling through.

We Have Traveling Options at PharmaCBD!

If you’re hesitant to bring your favorite prerolls on your next trip, we’ve got plenty of other traveling companions for you to choose from. From tinctures to capsules to edibles, you will not find a better selection than at PharmaCBD. And all of our inventory is:

  • Derived from hemp grown only in the US;
  • Federally legal across the US;
  • Created using scientifically advanced extraction methods; and
  • Tested by an independent laboratory.

You won’t find a better selection of premium CBD and Delta 8 THC products anywhere. Shop with us today!