2g King Palm Blunts

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PharmaCBD 2g King Palm Blunts are hand rolled in All Natural Palm Leaf Wraps.  Available in a variety of premium strains!

Get ready for an overall hemp experience like no other when you light up one of our King Palm Blunts. Each blunt contains a full 2 grams of your favorite hemp flower, hand wrapped in a slow-burning palm leaf. You get to choose the terpene profile that gives you the taste and aroma you are looking for so that you can achieve complete delight while the phytocannabinoid-rich hemp flower delivers fast-acting results. Smooth and aromatic, you are going to adore our King Palm Blunts!

Each blunt comes in its own sealed container to keep the hemp flower fresh until you are ready to savor its contents. Convenient to grab on the go and keep with you until the time is right, these blunts are the easy way to enjoy your favorite hemp flower.

Does It Matter Where the Hemp Is Grown?

Absolutely! When you choose to smoke hemp flower or ingest a hemp-derived product, where the hemp was grown can be the difference between a healthy experience and one that could cause you to inhale or ingest unhealthy toxins. Here’s why.

Hemp has been used for many products for centuries. It is easy to grow in most climates and doesn’t need much care during the growing process. One of the hemp plant’s additional benefits and unique features is that it pulls heavy metals and other toxic materials from the soil as it grows. Hemp is so efficient that there were fields of hemp planted around the Chernobyl nuclear station after the meltdown disaster to revitalize the soil in the area. This feature of the hemp plant is beneficial to the soil, but it could be harmful to someone who is inhaling or ingesting products derived from tainted hemp. This is because these toxins pulled from the soil remain in the plant, which is why it is crucial for hemp to be grown in nutrient-rich soils without any ground toxins, and without the use of pesticides.

Hemp that is grown in the United States is grown under guidelines set by the USDA. These guidelines do not allow U.S. hemp to be grown in tainted soil or for pesticides to be used. This ensures that harmful heavy metals and other toxins are not found in American hemp.

Imported hemp, however, may not have been grown in countries that follow the strict protocol that American hemp farmers follow. Unfortunately, approximately 70% of the hemp products on the market today are derived from imported hemp. This makes it possible for those products to include heavy metals, pesticides, and molds.

We Use Only Hemp Grown in the United States

At PharmaCBD, you will never find us using imported hemp in any of our products. Your health is too important to us. Especially when you are smoking hemp flower, the quality and purity of the hemp plant is essential for a beneficial wellness experience without any threat to your health. We even have our hemp flower products tested by a third-party laboratory, and we make those results available to you right on our website. This way, you get an additional assurance that there is nothing harmful in our flower.

The difference between our products and our competitors starts with the quality and purity of the hemp plant. Always choose American hemp products. Always choose PharmaCBD!