Bubba Kush Prepackaged CBD Flower

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Partially named after the Hindu Kush mountains from where it originated, our Bubba Kush is an indica leaning hybrid that is sure to please. This thick, deep green bud with purple and dark orange highlights produces a dank aroma with many earthy undertones. The flavor is of gas, herbs, pine, and citrus, and the feeling you get from our Bubba Kush is of inner peace and overall wellness.

Our Bubba Kush Prepackaged Flower comes in either a convenient 3.5 gram or 1 gram size.

What to Look For When Shopping for Hemp Flower

Buying hemp flower is a lot like buying traditional flowers from a florist. You should look for certain signs to make sure that the flower is fresh and of the highest quality in both cases. However, while there are commonalities, there are also differences in what you will find.

Take, for instance, the smell of the flower. Some traditional flowers may have a strong scent and fill the room with their fragrance, while other flowers have a milder and sometimes imperceptible scent. Hemp flower is different. You should always smell a strong, almost pungent aroma whenever you open a fresh bag of hemp flower. This is evidence that the terpene profile of the buds has been preserved and that the hemp flower is fresh.

Color is a quality you look for in both hemp flower and the flowers you find at a florist. The colors running along the side of the hemp buds should be vibrant, but they will vary. The important thing to look for is the base color of the bud itself. It should be some shade of green ranging from yellowish-green to dark green. A brown bud is always a sign of poor quality or old flower.

Unlike flowers from the florist, the hemp flower buds have crystal-like threads of trichomes running along the side of it. These threads are sticky to the touch and should leave a residue on your finger once you put the bud down.

Put Our Hemp Flower to the Test

We invite you to smell, examine, and feel our Bubba Kush Prepackaged Hemp Flower. You will find that it is fresh, aromatic, and packed full of the terpenes you enjoy in a good hemp flower smoke.

We are so proud of our prepackaged hemp flower that we have each of our hemp flower offerings tested by a third-party laboratory. Every product you see in our inventory is tested the same way. By inspecting the Certificate of Analysis that we make available to you on our website, you can learn of the exact cannabinoid content in each product, including our hemp flower.

You should always know what you’re getting when you smoke hemp flower, and you should always insist on the best. We at PharmaCBD only carry the best. From our insistence on using only hemp grown in the United States to the hand trimming and inspection of our hemp buds, we make every effort to bring you only the purest content and most effective flower on the market today. This is why you should always get your CBD and Delta 8 THC hemp flower from PharmaCBD!