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Our delicious Blackberry Haze is a cross between Blackberry and Lime Haze. This delightful sativa-dominant hybrid leans hard on its Blackberry parent and produces a sweet berry aroma with cocoa, spice, and violet notes. You are going to love the taste and the way the benefits leave you with your motivation intact.

Our Blackberry Haze Prepackaged Flower comes in either a convenient 3.5 gram or 1 gram size.

The Importance of Third-Party Lab Testing of Hemp Flower

You might be aware that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration began to regulate tobacco products like cigarettes and smokeless tobacco in June of 2009. This is due to the passage of the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act, and it gave the FDA power to inspect the ingredients of these products and ensure the safety of those who use tobacco. However, this authority does not extend to smokable hemp flower. This means that hemp flower as a final product currently has no governmental oversight, which is why third-party laboratory testing of hemp flower is essential. Here’s why.

One of the most useful characteristics of hemp is its ability to pull heavy metals and other toxins from the soil in which it’s grown. This trait is great for the soil, but those toxins remain with the hemp plant after harvesting and may find their way into any final product produced from the plant. This is especially true for hemp flower, as it doesn’t go through the same extraction methods and additional purification processes as with tinctures and other hemp products. The hemp flower is still in its raw state. So if that hemp were grown with pesticides or in contaminated soil, that hemp would still carry those contaminants.

Now, hemp grown in the United States is done so under the watchful eye of the USDA. This agency restricts how hemp farmers grow their crops to be free of pesticides and other toxins. Unfortunately, 70% of hemp used to create products in the U.S. market is imported, mainly from China. This means the imported hemp may contain heavy metals, pesticides, and molds that you don’t see in U.S. hemp crops. As most users are unaware of where their hemp flower comes from, third-party laboratory testing becomes essential in determining if their hemp flower is contaminated with any harmful substances.

We Carry Only Lab-Test Hemp Grown in the U.S.

We at PharmaCBD do not cut corners when it comes to the quality of our hemp. First, we only use hemp grown in the United States to create our hemp flower products and all of the other items in our store. This ensures that our hemp flower was grown under the strict guidelines of the United States Department of Agriculture. Much of our competition cannot claim this.

But we take it one step further and have an independent laboratory test our hemp flower and make those reports available for you to inspect. This way, you can be sure of not only the cannabinoid content and other important elements of our hemp flower, but you can also be assured that it contains no harmful heavy metals, toxins, or molds.

American grown hemp that is laboratory tested for quality. That’s what you get when you buy your hemp flower products from PharmaCBD!