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CBD:CBG 1 ml Vape Cartridge Jack Herer

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While our CBD:CBG 1ML Vape Cartridge in the Jack Herer strain has been discontinued, we’d like to introduce you to some other options we carry that you will likely find just as enjoyable.

Retail Locations for Vape Carts

Because of the recent laws that have been enacted that restrict our ability to ship vape products, we have discontinued carrying these products in our online store. However, we do have retail outlets that carry our products and still have a selection of PharmaCBD vape carts. We’ve even rolled out some new hemp-derived D8 1ml carts with flavors like Fruit Cereal, Watermelon OG, Grape Zkittlez, and Runtz! Take a look at our store locator to see if we have a retailer near you. If not, you can always ask your favorite hemp product supplier to begin carrying our line of products.


If you are looking for something with the convenience, flavor, and benefits of a vape cart, we highly recommend our prerolls. We have a large variety of these delicious and convenient items, and each is a prerolled joint with your favorite flavor of CBD flower. You can choose from items such as our:

PharmaCBD 5 Count Preroll Tin – This tin encases five prerolls, and each is from one of our most popular strains. You will find Blackberry Haze, Cookie Dough, Hawaiian Haze, Sour Space Candy, and Sweet Diesel in one convenient tin.

1.2 gram Prerolled Cones – If you have a favorite strain that you’d like to stick with exclusively, then we suggest our prerolled cones. You can decide from several different strains like Blueberry Pie or Sweet Diesel, and we’ll roll them up for you and package them in their own individual container.

King Palm Blunts

Our King Palm Blunts are another alternative to vape cartridges. Each blunt is hand-rolled in a slow-burning palm leaf and contains 2 grams of your favorite hemp flower. We package each blunt in its own tube container to keep it as fresh as the day it was rolled. You have a variety of strains like CBG Sauce and CBGenius to choose from, so you have plenty of options.

Hemp Flower

If you are ready to be a do-it-yourselfer, then you may want to try our CBD-rich hemp flower offerings. By choosing from our hemp flower selection, you are presented with more options regarding the hemp flower’s strain compared to prerolls and King Palm Blunts. Each strain has its own signature blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, so each carries its own unique qualities.

For example, our Cookie Dough Prepackaged Flower carries 15.27% CBD, 0.91% CBG, 19.18% cannabinoids, and 1.68% terpenes, while our Sweet Diesel Prepackaged Flower contains 13.49% CBD, 0.61% CBG, 16.32% cannabinoids, and 2.85% terpenes.

Of course, if you are open to trying something other than inhalants, then we have you covered there as well. From our edibles to our tinctures to our salves, you are not going to find a better selection of high-quality hemp-derived Delta 8 THC or CBD products anywhere.