510 Thread IKrusher Vape Battery (with Micro USB Charger)

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*see cartridge listing for Combo Packs!

Never worry about where you left that old battery again! 

You can now purchase a battery to go along with your carts, so you'll never need to run out to the nearest head shop in a panic again. 

These pens are slim and discreet, in a classic brushed silver, designed for the 510 threading most common to THC and CBD cartridges. 

Each battery also comes with its own micro-USB cable, so there's no need to take up your existing ones at home. The charger is also corded so there won't be any unnecessary weight on your outlets. 

This battery features a lightning-fast pre-heat option and three different temperature settings for complete customization.



Dimensions: 10.5MM x 88MM



Lowest Level (Green) - 2.7V

Mid Level (Blue) - 3.4V

Highest Level (Red) - 4.3V