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Our Blue Genius Prepackaged Hemp Flower is a triple cross-breed between ACDC, an unknown Israeli cultivar, and Ringo’s Last Seed Run. It has a unique aroma consisting of pepper, basil, pine, floral spice, and citrus. Our Blue Genius will leave you feeling laid-back but with a clear ability to focus. Delicious, aromatic, and soothing, you’d be smart to try Blue Genius.

Our PharmaCBD Blue Genius Prepackaged Flower comes in a convenient one-gram size.

Why You Should Never Smoke Imported Hemp Flower

The experience of smoking hemp flower is an enjoyable one. From the taste to the aroma to the immediate effect of the smoke, there is a lot to love about smoking hemp. However, smoking hemp comes with cautionary advice, and that caution is based on the characteristics of the hemp plant itself.

Hemp is an amazing type of cannabis plant and can be grown in almost any environment without much care. And one of the incredible characteristics of the hemp plant is its ability to pull heavy metals and other toxins from the soil it is grown in. As a result, hemp is one of the few plants that leave the soil better off than before the hemp was planted. In fact, hemp is so good at removing toxins that hemp fields were planted around the Chernobyl disaster site to revitalize the soil.

This unique characteristic of hemp is why it must be grown in clean soil without pesticides. Otherwise, the hemp will draw toxins and pesticides into the plant itself, and that is what you would end up smoking.

Here in America, hemp is grown under the watchful eye of the USDA, whose guidelines ensure that the hemp is grown in clean soil and without the use of pesticides.

In other countries, however, these regulations may not exist. The majority of hemp that is used in products in the U.S. is imported. In fact, 70% of the imported hemp comes from China. Without extensive testing, there is no way of knowing whether or not the hemp you are smoking contains heavy metals, pesticides, and molds.

We Never Use Imported Hemp at PharmaCBD!

From our tinctures to our edibles to our prepackaged flower, all of our products are derived from hemp grown right here in the United States. We do this because your health is of utmost importance to us, and we would never do anything to put your health at risk. So that’s why we not only insist on using only American grown hemp, we then test that product, including our hemp flower, through a third-party laboratory and make those results available to you.

Your lungs and your health are too important to trust to imported hemp. Instead, trust a hemp flower provider that can give you the purest and highest quality American grown hemp available. Trust PharmaCBD!