CBD Gift Set for Hemp Enthusiasts

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Product Overview

As an ideal gift for a friend or family member, or for when you are so excited about CBD products that you’re ready to try them all, our PharmaCBD Flagship Product Gift Set is perfect for you! We’ve taken the time to hand-select a diverse group of popular CBD products and put them all together for you in one gift set. You get:

One (1) Flagship Full Spectrum Tincture Oil – This is our premier tincture that combines CBD and CBG in a two-to-one ratio, then takes an extra step to include seven additional cannabinoids. This powerful combination of cannabinoids in a full spectrum oil is sure to deliver unparalleled results.

One (1) PharmaCBD Topical Salve – Smooth and inviting, this rich blend of 1,386 milligrams of CBD along with beeswax, shea butter, and essential oils will get to the source of your discomfort while softening and enriching your skin.

Two (2) 15-Count Packs of Gummies – Delightful and long-lasting, these fun little morsels taste great and deliver 20 milligrams of potent CBD with each treat. For the kid in all of us, having two flavors and shapes to choose from in one gift basket is sure to put a smile on your face every time.

A delightful CBD product collection all in one gift set. Why not buy two, so you can give one away and keep one for yourself?

All of Our PharmaCBD Products Begin with Only the Best Hemp

At PharmaCBD, we know that you can’t make a premium quality product with inferior ingredients. This is especially true when it comes to hemp-derived Delta 8 THC or CBD products. The quality of the hemp you begin with is everything in determining the potency and cannabinoid count in the final product and the purity and safety of that product.

In the United States, hemp farmers are regulated by the USDA. This government department oversees how the hemp is grown and ensures that the final THC content of that hemp is not more than 0.3% to be federally legal. What’s more, they ensure that the hemp is grown in safe soils without pesticides. This is important because hemp is known to pull heavy metals and other toxins from the soil in which it is grown.

Imported hemp, on the other hand, may come from countries without this oversight. Because of this, the imported hemp that is used to make CBD and other products may contain pesticides, heavy metals, and molds that may make it into the final product. In addition, much of this hemp may be from inferior yet easy to grow strains that do not carry the same cannabinoid content as the hemp that is meticulously grown in America.

This is why we insist on using only hemp grown in the United States for all of our products, including those in our gift basket, while many of our competitors use cheaper, inferior hemp. It is one of the many ways to ensure that you are always getting a superior product without any harmful chemicals.

You can always count on PharmaCBD to provide the best hemp-derived products because we start with only the best hemp available. Shop with us today!


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