Top Reasons to Choose PharmaCBD

Top Reasons to Choose PharmaCBD

When you are shopping for premium CBD and Hemp Derived Delta-8 products, you want to look no further than PharmaCBD.  Here’s why:

1)   Our Inventory – We take great pride in offering a vast array of innovative products. This provides you- our customers, a selection that most of our competitors can not offer.

2)   Inventory variety- Whether you are looking for THC Free CBD, Full Spectrum CBD or Hemp Derived Delta-8 Products you can find them here!  Variety is the spice of life and our specialty is offering a complete product line that spans across all possible categories of Hemp based cannabis products. 

3)   Hemp Grown in the United States – All of our products are sourced from hemp grown right here in the United States! They are tested throughout the entire process of farm to the conversion of plant materials into the superb products you see on our site! Many competitors use imported hemp that is of poorer quality and may contain toxins, molds, and heavy metals.

4)   Scientifically Advanced Processes – We only offer products derived from US Grown certified and compliant hemp that is processed using state-of-the-art techniques like CO2 extraction  (you can read more in our blog post-  CBD Production Methods Explained!). This process efficiently extracts all of the cannabinoids that you want with out using harsh extraction chemicals that can leave a toxic residue in the final product.

5)   Laboratory Testing – A third-party laboratory tests every product we carry, and we post those results right on our website as well as being available by scanning the QR code found on the actual product packaging! This ensures that you are well informed and feel comfort in knowing what is in the quality products you are purchasing!

6)   Farm Bill Compliant – All PharmaCBD products are developed from hemp that was grown and distributed in accordance with all Federal, State, and Local laws including the 2018 Farm Bill.  Therefore, you can rest assured that our products are federally legal throughout the United States.  Every state has different legislation relating to cannabis-based products and so we advise you always review local law when considering making any CBD or Hemp Derived Delta 8purchase.

7)   Knowledgeable Staff – Our highly trained team has extensive knowledge about CBD and Hemp Derived Delta-8 products and is available to help you find the right product for your needs! You can reach out to us anytime using our convenient online Contact Us form.