Incorporating Hemp-Derived Delta 8 THC and CBD into Your Busy Lifestyle

It was not all that long ago that most of us had not even heard of CBD, let alone all the variations of hemp-based products that have stemmed from this unexpected development in the supplement market. However, as the last couple of years have passed since the 2018 Farm Bill legalized the use of products made from hemp, the world has begun to flock to these alternative forms of wellness. As a result, the hemp-based product market is steadily becoming a multibillion-dollar industry filled with products for all walks of life!

As the market has boomed, so has the abundance of products available for consumers to navigate and try! We have all come across products marketed as sleep aids, stress relievers, pain reducers, immune system boosters, and more! It is an overwhelming process to pinpoint a reputable brand to purchase products from and figure out the best way to incorporate CBD and hemp-derived Delta 8 products into your daily regimen.

Maintaining balance can be a struggle for many.

Please don’t get discouraged – we’re here to help! One big thing that sets PharmaCBD apart from other brands is that we like to educate – whether you are an avid Cannabis consumer, a newbie like so many of us, a retailer, or even a government official, we’re here to ensure you have a thorough understanding of not only what these products are, but how they can benefit you!

We have gone over so many topics on our website, including who we are and how our products have been developed. The following are some real-life scenarios that can give you an idea as to how CBD and Hemp-derived D8 can fit into your routine!

Life as we know it can be compared at times to a roller coaster where there are many ups and downs that can be daunting and downright stressful! There are many ways that we can combat these stressors, including the most simplistic habits that we all at times struggle with – diet, exercise, and sleep. However, even when we can masterfully regulate these things, life happens, and we have to seek out some help to get us back on track. Thankfully, PharmaCBD is here to help provide top-notch quality solutions that fit into any routine!

Most of us wear many hats – we juggle balancing our family dynamic with demanding jobs and putting our health and well-being last! We love our lives and, at times, run ourselves ragged attempting to do it all. It has never been more important to ensure that we maintain our health, and we’re here to help by giving you some key points and tips to consider.

Our health is made up of so many components that when balanced, all systems are a go, and we feel fabulous. However, when one of these crucial aspects is neglected, it tips the balance of our wellbeing out of whack, and then we’re left burnt out and longing for answers on how to readjust to better our situation! Sometimes like cars, we need a quick tune-up or even a major overhaul to such things as our diet, sleep and exercise routine!

Level up your routine with CBD.


What we consume really impacts more than just feeling satiated! Of course, eating to feel full or to try a delicious treat is at times what we aim for when mealtime arrives. However, what we eat and how we eat majorly impacts our mood, energy levels, and sleep habits! Like a well-oiled machine, when we fuel our bodies with nutritious options, our bodies perform at their best, and when we opt for less healthy options, you can count on feeling sluggish!

Healthy fruit, vegetable, and protein bowl.

Here are some suggestions from a variety of resources to incorporate into your routine. Feeling a bit stressed and overwhelmed with life – have you tried incorporating dark leafy greens into your diet? These magnesium-rich superfoods include Swiss chard, kale, and spinach! Magnesium is proven to keep our bones, nerves, and muscles healthy and increase protein synthesis and cellular metabolism! Martha Stewart recommends these superfoods to reduce tension, regardless of whether it is caused by work or everyday life!

While boosting our intake of leafy greens is helpful, a balanced diet is ideal. Nutritionists at Harvard recommend using the reference of “the healthy eating plate” to judge our meals and ensure they are balanced. It’s recommended that we fill each quarter of the plate with the following: a healthy protein, whole grains, and the remainder with two-thirds vegetables and one-third of fruits. In addition, drink water and add healthy plant oils in moderation. Using this visualization makes managing our meals much easier!

Try our premium CBD tinctures with your healthy meals.


Workout with premium CBD

Exercise is a phenomenal way to blow off steam! The CDC recommends that adults get 150 minutes of physical activity every week. So just twenty minutes of activity every day is 140 minutes a week — meaning that if you take an afternoon stroll on your day off, you have hit the recommended amount of exercise! It is certainly difficult to squeeze in a workout, especially when we have so much on our plates! One suggestion would be to break down your exercises into either a single 20-minute session or two 10 minute bursts of activity!

By finding a balance between a healthy diet and daily activity, you are surely going to feel less stressed and equipped to manage the challenges of your day-to-day life! If that is not enough, then supplementing your routine with some of our amazingly convenient and fast-acting products is another resource to help! For example, we recommend a dose of our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture to start the day. Additionally, keeping a pack of Peach Rings close at hand is another popular option for when tension starts to build during the day. If you’re waiting to get home to finish off the day with a well-deserved treat, then we’d recommend a comforting smoke of our Sour Space Candy flower to help get rid of the weight of the day. Follow that by treating any achiness or discomfort from working out with our PharmaCBD Topical Salve loaded with wholesome ingredients to set the tone for a good night's sleep, which is also essential in combating daily pressures. 


Although diet and exercise certainly are huge components of living a healthy balanced lifestyle, a lack of quality sleep can result in sabotaging all the great daytime habits you’ve worked hard to maintain with a healthy diet and routine exercise. Sleep deprivation can result in mental as well as physical health problems. It can leave us feeling out of sorts, unable to focus and function to navigate the day successfully!

Sleeping man.

Making sleep a priority each and every day by establishing a sleep routine of 7-9 hours of sound sleep is ideal. Unfortunately, our emotions, minds, and even our bodies can prevent us from achieving this necessary goal! Some things to consider when aiming to get some quality z’s each night are to wind the evening down with a routine of a relaxing bath or shower, comfy sleep clothes, and a dark as well as quiet setting free of loud noises and bright lights, especially from technology will certainly help you relax and get some shuteye.

Easier said than done, we know! But, if you are like many of us that just can’t fall asleep, there are many additional things to try. Johns Hopkins Medicine recommends a few interesting solutions to sleep issues. For one, a glass of tart cherry juice before bed. Tart cherries are a source of melatonin, a hormone known to help people sleep. It is also chock-full of antioxidants, which are believed to help improve overall health.

Additionally, eating high-fat or high-protein foods before bed can disrupt your sleep and make you tired during the day. Instead, switch it up with whole-wheat toast or oatmeal before bed — this can cause your brain to produce serotonin to help you sleep. Finally, the Cleveland Clinic recommends that you try complex carbohydrates and fresh herbs, like basil and sage. These herbs contain chemicals that will help you relax and sleep easier. 

If you are looking for another route to aid in sleep woes, we recommend trying one of our many fast-acting solutions! Our Triple Layer PM Bears with Melatonin within an hour before bedtime will help ease you into a comfortable state of mind and body. If you are not a fan of melatonin, we have a slew of options, including some customer favorites! Our premium Hemp Flower, as well as our premium Hemp-Derived Delta 8 Flower, rank high on the scale of products our clients use to unwind! We’d recommend trying Bubba Kush or Cookie Dough hemp flower after dinner- rolled in a King Palm Blunt or filled in your own device to help you fall and stay asleep all night long!

Try Premium CBD with PharmaCBD
With our vast selection of inventory, you are bound to find a premium quality PharmaCBD product to fit your taste and lifestyle. In this guide, we’ve outlined for you a few of our most common scenarios. However, if you would like a personalized suggestion or two for your specific needs, feel free to reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable staff using our convenient online form. We have worked with many happy customers in the past and would welcome the opportunity to find the perfect hemp-derived Delta 8 THC or CBD product to fit your individual lifestyle.