HHC Flower - Rocket Pop

A Sweet and Giggly Strain That will get you Ready for Blast Off!

Our Hemp-Derived HHC Rocket Pop flower oozes with the sweet and tart interplay of a childhood spent in the early 90s. Its flavor bursts with a distinct earthy cherry profile, giving way to a sour citrus finish that puts puts you right in the middle of a summer's day spent running through the sprinklers. Fans of this strain report a light-hearted and chatty buzz that's excellent for sparking conversation. Don't be fooled though. Rocket Pop is an indica dominant hybrid, so there is certainly a relaxing aspect there as well. 

For the Ultimate Rocket Pop Vibe: Post up with a group of friends on a stargazing trip! This indica leaning strain would be a great choice to make the grass and ground feel infinitley softer and lend a special twinkle to the stars. Pass around a blunt and get to know each other better. What teacher influenced your life the most? What superpower would you choose to have? Who would win in a fight between Tommy Pickles and Spongebob? You know, conversations that define friendships. Take in the glory of the night sky and make memories.

We offer our Rocket Pop HHC hemp flower in a convenient 1.2-gram preroll, a 2 gram King Palm Blunt, or a full 3.5-ounce resealable package to keep it fresh.



Keep your hemp flower, prerolls, and blunts in their original container and a dry area at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Also, be sure to reseal the 3.5-gram package tightly between each use.

Hemp-derived HHC products are not to be consumed if you are a minor, pregnant, or operating heavy machinery.

Two Things to Always Look for when Buying Hemp Flower


There are several things you should look for when you are buying hemp flower. The color of the buds, the pungent aroma when you open the package, and the feel of the buds are all indicators of a fresh hemp flower. However, there are two things that you should always look for before making a hemp flower purchase.

#1. Make sure that the hemp was grown in the United States. Hemp has a unique ability to pull toxins from the soil. This is why it needs to be grown in clean soil and without the use of pesticides. In America, the United States Department of Agriculture oversees our hemp farms and makes sure they follow their guidelines to ensure the purity of the hemp. Hemp imported from other countries may not have been grown using these same strict standards. Therefore, the imported hemp may contain heavy metals and pesticides absorbed from the soil and molds that it may have picked up if grown in too moist of an environment. You should never trust your lungs to imported hemp.

#2 Hemp flower that an independent laboratory tests. The FDA does not oversee the hemp product industry, nor does any other government agency. This means that the content of the product and the accuracy of the labeling are left to the manufacturer’s honesty. Therefore, the only way you can be sure that you are getting the full amount of hemp-derived Delta 8 THC you are paying for is by inspecting a Certificate of Analysis (COA) issued after third-party lab tests the hemp product. Unfortunately, many have taken advantage of this to where one study showed that 70% of the hemp products tested did not contain the amount of cannabinoids listed on the label.

PharmaCBD Insists on Both!


We at PharmaCBD don’t roll the dice when it comes to your health. This is why we insist that all of our hemp flower products come from hemp grown and harvested right here in the United States. And we take it one step further than that and have all of our hemp flower products tested by an independent laboratory. We even make those COAs available for you to inspect. In fact, we do this not only with our hemp flower products, but we insist on third-party laboratory testing on every item we place on our shelves. So from our tinctures to our edibles to our smokeables and every other product we carry, you can be assured you are getting a pure product, free of contaminants. Shop with PharmaCBD today!