CBD Gummies

We offer a full line of CBD gummies in a variety of delightful shapes and tasty flavors. In addition, some of our CBD gummies include other helpful ingredients to target a specific issue with which you may need assistance. Every one of our delectable CBD edibles features a potent 20 milligrams of CBD, and each of our CBD gummies contains full-spectrum hemp oil. This means you not only get all of the results you expect from premium quality CBD, but you also get the additional benefits from a full spectrum of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids from the hemp plant.

Watermelon Rings - These delicious gummies boast the delightful taste of watermelon in an entertaining ring shape. Easy to take with you when you are on the go, or if you just want to enjoy one at home when it’s time to relax, we offer these rings in a 2, 15, or 30 count pack.

Peach Rings - These delectable rings are a favorite among our clients. Sporting the sweet taste of peach with a delightful sugar coating, these rings come in packs of 2, 15, and 30 counts.

Cherry Sours - Our Cherry Sours are a wonderfully different style of CBD gummy, shaped like a cluster of cherries. Upon biting into the Cherry Sour edible, you will first experience the pleasant flavor of cherries – but a surprisingly rich sour tanginess soon follows that delicious taste. These intriguing gummies are offered in 2, 15, and 30 piece packs.

Natural Pineapple Fruit Slices - These Fruit Slices boast the wonderful taste of pineapple in an eye-catching color and shape. These gummies are vegan-friendly and include natural pineapple in the ingredients. Our Natural Pineapple Fruit Slices are available in packs of 15.

Organic Mixed Fruit Snacks - These vegan-friendly Fruit Snacks come in a combination of watermelon, strawberry, and lemon flavors. These snacks contain only natural, organic ingredients and come in packs of 30.

CBD Elderberry Gummies - These savory gummies included not only a potent 20 milligrams of full-spectrum CBD, but they also boast the benefits of elderberry extract. Elderberry has long been believed to boost the immune system, and our combination of fruit, berry and vegetable extracts along with vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, and iron make for a wonderful immune supporting combination. These CBD Elderberry Gummies are available in 30 count packages.

Watermelon Rings with Melatonin - Our second watermelon rings offering includes the added benefits of melatonin. This hormone is naturally secreted by the pineal gland at night and has long been known to assist in the human sleep cycle. By combining CBD with melatonin, you may experience a quicker and more restful sleep. We provide these Watermelon Rings with Melatonin in 30 count packages.

Triple Layer PM Bears with Melatonin - These fun, bear-shaped gummies each display three layers of eye-catching colors in different combinations. Their delightful flavor introduces 20 milligrams of CBD along with the sleep-enhancing benefits of melatonin with each bear. Our Triple Layer PM Bears with Melatonin are offered in 30 count packages.