4 Things You Need to Know About Finding Your Kratom Dosage

Mar 3, 2023

4 Things You Need to Know About Finding Your Kratom Dosage

It’s not just CBD gummies that are popular these days. Have you heard? People are talking about kratom! Some say it helps them relax and soothes their pain, while others are taking it for energy or to boost their mood. But what is the kratom dosage for different people with varying conditions they want to treat? Read on to find out, and find the perfect dosage for you by using our handy kratom dosage guide!

How Much Kratom to Take?

How much kratom to take? The answer is “it depends.” The average dose of kratom is 2 to 12 grams, but this varies depending on several factors, including:

  • Weight and size
  • How long you’ve been taking kratom
  • Type of kratom
  • Desired effect

Kratom Dosage Chart by Weight

One important consideration when determining your kratom dose is your weight and size. Use this kratom dosage chart by weight calculator to find an appropriate dose:

                                                                                    Kratom Dosage for Adults by Weight

 Your Weight in Pounds

Stimulating Dose

Relaxing/Painkilling Dose

80 lbs 2 grams 3.5 grams

100 lbs

2.5 grams

4 grams

120 lbs

3 grams 5 grams

140 lbs

3.5 grams

5.5 grams

160 lbs

4 grams

5.5 grams

180 lbs

4.5 grams

6.5 grams
200 lbs 5 grams

8 grams

220 lbs

5.5 grams

9 grams

240 lbs

6 grams

9.5 grams

260 lbs

6.5 grams

10.5 grams

280 lbs 7 grams

11 grams

300 lbs

7.5 grams 12 grams

As you can see, the bigger you are, the larger your kratom dose should be. Also, a lower kratom dose is recommended for energy-boosting effects. A larger kratom dose may help relieve pain, but it will also cause drowsiness.

Small white bowl of light green kratom powder dosage sits atop green kratom leaves on a wooden table.

What is the Dosage for Kratom?

The guide above is a great jumping off point if you are new to kratom. If you’re a beginner, you should start with the recommended dose (or even lower) to see how it affects you. 

Keep in mind the general dosing guideline that lower doses of kratom tend to be stimulating, while larger doses are relaxing.

You can also customize your dose depending on the results you’re looking for. What is the dosage for kratom for different conditions? Read on to find out how much kratom dosage you should use for depression, anxiety, pain, and energy & focus.

Kratom Dose for Depression

Some kratom users claim that it boosts their mood and helps ease their depression symptoms. Most strains of kratom can offer euphoric, energy-boosting effects, especially Borneo, Bali, Maeng Da, Thai, and Malay.

Depending on your level of depression, kratom may help. What is the kratom extract dosage recommended for depression? We’ve scoured the internet for user recommendations are here’s what we’ve found.

  • Mild Depression– 1-2 grams
  • Moderate Depression– 2-4 grams
  • Severe Depression– 4+ grams (consult a medical professional)

Kratom Dose for Anxiety

Kratom could also help with anxiety, but it is important to find a good balance since the energy-boosting effects of a low dose may worsen anxiety.  

A normal kratom capsule dosage for anxiety contains around 3 to 4 grams of powder. If you still feel anxious 45 minutes after this initial dose, it is safe to take another 1 gram of powder each hour until you find the calming effects you desire. 

Kratom Dose for Pain

Chronic pain? Kratom users say this versatile herbal medicine can help with that too! The recommended kratom pill dosage depends on your level of pain. We looked at several sources and polled different kratom experts to get the best opinion possible. 

  • Mild Pain– 2-4 grams
  • Moderate Pain– 3-5 grams
  • Severe Pain– 5+ grams (consult your doctor)

Dose for Energy & Focus

One of the most popular benefits of kratom is its energy-boosting effects. A low dose of kratom may help you feel refreshed and focused. How much kratom to take for focus?

Remember that too much kratom will have the opposite effect and make you relaxed and sleepy, so make sure to start with a very low dose! 

An average energy-boosting dose of kratom is 2-3 grams (4 grams max), though many people find that a 1 gram microdose increases their creativity and focus just as well.

Loose green kratom powder in a wooden bowl with capsules of kratom capsule dosage in the foreground.

How to Measure Kratom Dosage

The best way to accurately measure kratom powder dosage is to weigh it on a small scale. Different brands of kratom powder will grind their kratom in different ways, so kratom powders range in consistency from fine to coarse. 

This means that a teaspoon of finely ground kratom will contain more grams of kratom than a teaspoon of coarsely ground kratom. 

If you don’t have a scale, you can use the general guideline that 1 teaspoon of kratom contains roughly 1 gram of kratom. But keep in mind that coarsely ground kratom actually contains closer to .9 grams, and finely ground kratom contains about 1.3 grams. Be sure to use level teaspoons to be as accurate as possible.

Use the dosing recommendations above to measure your kratom. If this is your kratom dosage first time, start even lower than the recommendation to see how your body reacts.

Best Ways to Take Kratom

Two popular ways to take kratom powder are in a capsule or a cup of “kratom tea.” A capsule is so easy to swallow, with no flavor or aftertaste. Kratom tea is not really tea brewed with kratom, but kratom powder simply added to hot water. Some people mix their kratom tea dosage into water, and then brew their favorite tea in it. This helps to cut the extreme bitterness inherent to raw kratom.

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