Color-Coded Kratom: Learn About the 3 Types of Kratom and Their Effects

Nov 28, 2022

Color-Coded Kratom: Learn About the 3 Types of Kratom and Their Effects

PharmaCBD has the best CBD gummies on the market, but we strive to educate our visitors in many more substances in the cannabis vertical. What do you know about Kratom? 

Kratom, like cannabis, is a plant that has a long history in indigenous medicine. People worldwide have used this herb for centuries for a variety of reasons, ranging from its ability to boost energy to its sedative, pain-relieving properties.

Different types of kratom offer different benefits. The amount of kratom you take can also modify its results. Read on for more info about them, and to view a helpful kratom strains chart at the end of this article.5u 

Different Types of Kratom

There are three main categories for the different types of kratom: 

  1. White Vein
  2. Green Vein
  3. Red Vein. 

Each of these types offers different effects and benefits.

Vein color actually signifies the age of the kratom plant– kratom leaves start out with white veins, which turn green as they mature, then red as they ripen on the vine. 

Kratom capsules sit atop white kratom leaves, which are the strongest type of kratom for energy.

Within these three main color categories fall a wide variety of distinct kratom strains. What are the different types of kratom strains? Read on to learn more!

White Vein Kratom

White vein kratom can be recognized because of its distinct color. The veins of white vein kratom leaves are, you guessed it, white. This is because they are harvested at the beginning of their growth cycle.

White vein kratom is known for its stimulating effects. Many users of white vein kratom prefer it to caffeine in small doses because they say it gives them energy and focus, with no jitters.

White vein kratom is sometimes used to self treat chronic fatigue syndrome or social anxiety. It may also help boost sexual libido and performance. 

Some popular strains of white vein kratom are White Borneo, White Thai, White Bali, White Sumatra, and White Indo, depending on the preference of origin locality.

Green Vein Kratom

Green vein kratom is harvested from mature, unripened kratom leaves. Green kratom offers a balanced feeling somewhere between the effects of white kratom and red kratom.

Green vein kratom provides the best of both worlds: It is reported to boost energy, focus, and mood like white vein kratom, while offering some relaxation and pain-relieving properties like red kratom (but without the sleepiness). 

Many new kratom users start out with green kratom to see how their bodies react and get a feel for what direction they might like to go in. Green kratom can be combined with white or red kratom if you want to emphasize its energetic or soothing properties.

Green Malay, Green Borneo, Green Bali, Green Thai, and Green Sumatra are well-known growing localities of green kratom. Each locality offers a nuanced experience within the vein variety, offering users an opportunity to truly customize their kratom experiences. 

Red Vein Kratom

Finally, red vein kratom comes from kratom leaves that have been left to ripen on the vine, and harvested once their green veins turn red, containing the highest level of mitragynine in the plant’s life cycle. 

Red vein kratom‘s sedative effects make it one of the best types of kratom for sleep. Its potent effects also include mood elevation, euphoria, relaxation, and pain relief. Red vein kratom has also attacted some of the most heated controversy in the kratom industry as its analgesic and sedative properties are popular amongst the sobriety and recovery communities. Thousands of personal testimonies exist from former opiate addicts that have utilized kratom to aid in their recovery journeys, but this publicity has also lead the medicinal efficacy of kratom to be widely contested and it has contributed to the negative stigma surrounding this plant. 

Well-known red kratom localities include Red Bali, Red Thai, Red Horn, Red Sumatra, and Red Borneo.

Kratom Strains Chart

Check out this kratom strain comparison chart! Created by experienced kratom users, each strain of kratom listed is rated on its effectiveness in six areas: Energy, Mood, Pain Relief, Stimulation, Sedation, and Relaxation, based on personal experience and testimony. Keep in mind: your results may vary.

This kratom comparison chart rates 25 strains of kratom on their effectiveness in six areas.

On this most potent kratom strains chart, you can see that in general, white kratom varieties offer more energy and stimulation, while red kratom strains are highly rated for pain relief and sedation. Green kratom types offer the best of both worlds. 

You may notice that there are other colors listed on this chart besides white, green, and red. What are gold and yellow kratom?

Gold kratom usually describes a premium blend of at least two other types of kratom, while yellow kratom is typically white kratom that has undergone a special drying process which enhances its effects.

You can use this kratom strains chart to choose the type of kratom that is best for you and your wellness goals.

Types of Kratom and Effects

The effects of kratom can vary depending on the type used and dosage taken as well as individual tolerance and body make up. This “types of kratom chart” explains the three main types and their effects/benefits. 

White Vein Kratom


Early harvest



Enhances focus

Eases social anxiety

Green Vein Kratom


Mid-cycle harvest

Boosts energy

Increases focus

Eases mild pain

Mood enhancer

Red Vein Kratom


Late harvest



Used for pain relief

Helps with sleep

Some people consider red kratom to be the strongest type of kratom, but it depends upon the results you’re looking for. Red vein kratom has been known to have the strongest sedative effects, but white vein kratom has the strongest stimulating effects. Green vein kratom exists as a happy medium between the two.

What Type of Kratom is the Best for Pain?

Some people like to take kratom to help manage their pain. What type of kratom is the best for pain? Red vein kratom is the strongest pain reliever, but its sedative properties might cause you to get super tired. Green vein kratom is the best type of kratom for pain if you need to stay alert.

Best Kratom Type

Once you’ve determined the best kratom type for you, you can find the kratom products that deliver the effects you need. It should also be noted that kratom is a powerful substance and it bears treating with respect. One should always be careful when introducing your body to a new substance. It is always better to start slow and let your body adjust, carefully finding the right balance for you. The side effects of high doses of kratom can be uncomfortable, especially for new users, so take care and treat your body with the respect it deserves.